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We're all about financial freedom here. We're completely dedicated to helping folks make wiser money moves, boosting their financial health
Our mission is no small task; we're here to connect you with the perfect solution - one that doesn't just ease your financial stress but also lifts the weight of debt off your shoulders, making your wallet feel a bit heavier each month.
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What is BillDoctor?
BillDoctor helps you explore options to lower your monthly payments and get out of debt. We assess your financial situation and connect you with a solution that best fits your needs.
How do you choose which partner is right for me?
We consider your unique financial situation and connect you with a partner from our vetted network who specializes in offering the best solution for lowering your payments and getting you out of debt.
Is my personal information safe with BillDoctor?
Absolutely. We use the latest encryption technology to protect your data. Your privacy and security are our top priorities.
How long does it take to get connected with a partner?
It takes only around 3 minutes to go through the journey and get connected with a suitable partner.
Is there a fee for using BillDoctor?
No, our service is free to use. Our aim is to help you achieve financial freedom by connecting you with the best solutions available.
What types of debts can BillDoctor help with?
Type of Debt Yes No
Credit Cards
Personal Loans
Private Student Loans
Medical Bills
Lines of Credit
Debts in Collections
Federal Student Loans
Auto Loans
Other Secured Debts
What happens after I provide my information to BillDoctor?
Once you tell us more about yourself, you will be connected with one of our partners. They will reach out to you to discuss the next steps and how they can assist in getting you out of debt and lowering your payments. And don’t worry, you won’t get spammed by countless companies that you don’t care about. We find the solution that’s right for you so that you don’t need to wade through everything else.
How soon can I expect to get out of debt?
The timeline may vary depending on your unique situation, but people who work with us typically get out of debt within 24 to 48 months. Your chosen partner will provide more specific information tailored to your situation.
Checking your options is free and will not affect your credit score